A Message from Walter Bauer, President Bauer Energy Design

August 7, 2009 at 2:31 pm Leave a comment

Dear Reader;

I would like to draw a compelling subject to your attention that will be discussed in greater detail on our blog. Are you aware of the great impact of water quality on your life? Water is used to drink, cook, clean, wash, grow plants and livestock, produce energy, and more.

The wide range of everyday uses for water shows how important it is in our world. This prevalence puts an emphasis on water quality. Many do not realize that ionized water that comes from taps or bottled water has effects every aspect of life such as health, cleanliness and pollution. We would like to invite you to take a look at the Bauer energy Design blog and further explore this subject with us.

This blog will open your eyes to new perspectives on being “green” and how to improve you quality of life simply by improving you water.

Please join the conversation.


Walter Bauer
President Bauer Energy Design


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What Would Really Bauer Energy Design® Processed Water Do For Your Home? What Our Patent Means to You

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Become a Bauer Energy Design® Processed Water Vendor

We are actively building a community of entrepreneurs and companies interested in profiting from the explosive growth of this NEW type of water.

To become involved we ask that you first purchase a The Bauer Energy Design® Home Water Processor.

Your purchase will trigger a call from us, when we can create a shared vision and create a plan forward for you or your company that will be equally lucrative and rewarding.

Contact Information:

Bauer Energy Design
139 Louisa St.
Baden, Ontario
Canada N3A 2T8
Phone: (519) 634-9974
Fax: (519) 634-9906

A conversation can change your life and your income!


Introducing The Bauer Energy Design Home Water Processor

The Bauer Energy Design® Home Water Processor will fit from a ¾ inch water line to a 1 ¼ inch line. This Water Processor will last many years and in many cases the plumbing will be replaced before it is. The Bauer Energy Design® Home Water Processor cost is $3495.00 US including licensing fees, currency exchange and applicable taxes. Shipping in North America is included. Use our contact info above to order or for more information. Walter would love to talk to you personally, and will try to respond to every inquiry. To us it is all about the water and the conversations we have about new ways to think about water! Bauer Energy Design® Processed Water is a DIFFERENT KIND OF WATER.

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